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Stock market outlook: forecast downgrade, still upbeat earnings

The magnitude of the recent decline in the stock market has compelled us to revise our year-end forecast for the stock market to 6,600. Earnings, however, remain buoyant.

By Metrobank October 28, 2022
Stock market outlook: upbeat earnings, return of foreign participation

(Editor’s Note: This outlook can change and is subject to updates as needed.) Rosy earnings reports and the incipient return of foreign participation may spur the stock market to reach 7,200 to 7,400 by the end of 2022.

September 1, 2022
What to do now that yields have peaked

Set your next target buy levels to maximize returns.

August 12, 2022
Peso-dollar exchange rate: Effects of two-speed rate hikes

The pressure is on as various factors lead to a weaker peso in the near term.

August 11, 2022
Metrobank 1Q 2022 Review: Equity Valuation

The local bourse has been sluggish in the first quarter of the year, which has led to undemanding equity valuations

May 20, 2022
Metrobank 1Q 2022 Review: Weaker Peso Outlook

Higher oil prices and higher US Fed rates will contribute to a weaker peso this year. Catching peaks in yields is the best strategy.

May 20, 2022