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Hyundai Capital America: Strong results despite global chip shortage

While the car industry still reels from a dearth of chips, Hyundai Capital America has found a way to minimize the impact on its business.

September 14, 2022By Metrobank

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If you are a qualified individual buyer (QIB) looking for short-term placements with a decent yield pick-up, you may consider Hyundai Capital America (HCA), a global leader in automotive financing.

It has shown strong second quarter 2022 financial results, with core automotive segment posting a 58% increase in operating profits and 16% increase in revenues year-on-year.

This despite a global shortage in chips used in cars. The rosy results can be attributed to optimized net pricing, a shift toward SUVs, and favorable foreign exchange rates.

Hyundai Motor Group, its parent company, grew its global market share, excluding China, to 11% in 2021 vs 8% in 2010. Its US market share also grew from 7.5% in 2016 to 10% in 2021.

We also like that its credit rating is aligned with Hyundai Motor due to existing support agreements that have no expiry date. The parent is required to own 100% of HCA either directly or indirectly and make cash contributions to HCA if the stipulated credit metric (fixed charge coverage ratio) deteriorates below a specified level (1.10x)

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