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Marcos appoints Monetary Board’s Remolona as BSP governor

June 23, 2023By BusinessWorld

Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. has chosen Eli M. Remolona to be the next central bank governor for a six-year term, the presidential office said on Friday.

Mr. Remolona, who sits on the seven-member policy-making Monetary Board, will replace Felipe M. Medalla, starting in July.

“With his extensive experience and remarkable achievements in central banking, economic policy, international finance, and financial markets, Mr. Remolona brings a wealth of expertise to his new role,” the presidential office said in a statement.

Mr. Remolona worked for a combined 33 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Bank for International Settlements.

Mr. Remolona joined the Monetary Board in August, taking over the seat vacated by Mr. Medalla, who became the central bank governor. — Reuters

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